Thursday, December 18


There's quite a jump between being proficient in T-SQL/SSMS and understanding the guts of SQL Server. For example, being able to backup and restore databases is a handy skill, but it's only the tip of the iceberg. Under the water is the differences between the recovery models, the different types of backups, and the effects that doing backups have on recoverability and growth/maintenance of logs.

As mentioned in my post on "ongoing education", it's helpful to have reference resources which talk to you like a human, and pictures are pretty helpful too. So I'd like to pass on this amazing site:

It'll get you up to speed on the nitty-gritty of backups and restores a lot faster than any book or course I've attempted slogging through.

Just check it out if you're needing help, especially if you use Red Gate's backup gear, as he knows the innards of that lot intimately and provides a great lot of code samples which have saved me quite a few hours over the last few days.

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