Thursday, August 4

GovHack 2016 and Power BI

From last Friday night until Sunday evening, Mandeep Goraya and I participated in GovHack 2016

Credit to Gavin Tapp for the photo
If you’re not familiar with it, it’s a nationwide (and NZ) competition to build some sort of useful &/or fun product using open government data, of which there’s a massive and interesting amount these days.

We integrated and cleaned the data and built our visualisations using Power BI.

We worked with IP Australia’s IPGOD dataset, which contains over 100 years of Australian patents, trademarks, plant breeders rights and designs applications and registrations. 

Here's the 3 minute video we recorded to explain our efforts.

If you’re intrigued, you can see our efforts here:

Wednesday, August 3

SSMS Latest Update - July Hotfix

There's a new version of SQL Server Management Studio, called the "July Hotfix Update", or if you're into version numbers, 13.0.15600.2.

Downloadable here.