Friday, December 5

Ongoing Education for the Terminally Lazy/Busy

Reading msdn articles and whitepapers and textbooks blows goats as far as I'm concerned. I'm interested for about 5 minutes, max.

However I’ve been learning a lot about SQL (as well as plenty of other things) since I got myself set up in the RSS world, subscribing to blog and site feeds in Google Reader.

Maybe I’m preaching to the choir on this blog entry about RSS, but amongst the DB people I know very few seem that savvy about efficient net usage.

These sites below publish regularly, and when you subscribe to them in Google Reader, you can get a heap of relevant information into your unread “inbox” instead of regularly checking sites to see if anything’s updated.

If you’ve got a gmail account, you’re crazy not to start using Reader, and it works great on mobile phones cutting down bandwidth hungry sites into nice little readable chunks.

So, below, are my favourite sites/blogs which update regularly with useful SQL goodies. At least check them out, and if you’re not already in the RSS feed world, get yourself subscribed to these guys in Google Reader and you’ll be picking up more info than ever in a digestible fashion.


For sites, check out: and


Brent Ozar said...

Glad I can be of service! It's so much fun doing this stuff.

Scott Herbert said...

Cheers, it's interesting heartening to see an emerging SQL online community which is personable and vibrant.