Monday, July 6

It's been a while!

Excuses? Work, Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia, music composition duties. It's been a while since I've blogged. Well I haven't forgotten about SQL, in fact it's high on the priority list.

I've just received some new SQL books in the mail. It's time to have a go at some certifications again. 70-432 and 70-433, Database Implementation and Maintenance, and Database Design, respectively. Flicking through the books, there's so much I already know, but I've never actually been near SQL2008, so there's also some huge chunks that are absolute news to me.

I'm also starting a Masters of Information Technology at the University of New England, part-time by "distance education". My aim there is to broaden my knowledge of IT, being a person who "fell into" IT at work rather than doing an IT based degree first. The degree I completed in 1995 was a Bachelor of Science, majoring in microbiology and genetics. Now I'm a DBA. Go figure! Apparently it's not such a rare thing for your degree to not have a huge bearing on your career path anymore.

Well, anyhow, just wanted to let y'all know I'm still here. Catch you soon.


Rob said...

Good luck!

Stu said...

I fell into IT as well; I have a BA in Radio/TV/Film Production, an MA in Communication & Theatre, and a MEd in Education (Instructional Technology). I've actually found that having a background other than IT can be beneficial, because it exposed me to thinking outside of the shop.

Anyway, good luck! Looking forward to hearing more about it.

Scott Herbert said...

Thanks guys. I actually started a Masters of Teaching in 1996, but dropped out of that one having found out that I wasn't into it at all. Gotta try everything!

I just enrolled in Discrete Mathematics as my first subject. Feels good to be back in the academia.

Scott Herbert said...

Got a HD in Discrete Mathematics! Now for "Problem Solving and Program Design."